Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

The best preventive action is to termite-proof the built-up area of your property by a treatment called PRE-CONSTRUCTION ANTI-TERMITE SOIL TREATMENT and involves the use of termiticide applied into the soil.

Rapidkill Pre-Construction Soil Treatment 1
Rapidkill Pre-Construction Soil Treatment 2
Rapidkill Pre-Construction Soil Treatment 3

Pesticides used in the treatment against subterranean termites are also called termiticides.

All termiticides use by RAPIDKILL PEST CONTROL (KL) SDN. BHD. is registered with and approved by the Pesticides Board of Malaysia and is applied in accordance with the recommended dosage.

Our use of termiticides follows the general label recommendations of its manufacturers. As part of the newer generation of termiticides, our choice is relatively environmentally friendly.