Our Technician & Applicators

Our Technicians and Applicators are trained to assist you in solving your pest management problems. They are local people in your community and they know your area. Their focus is to provide management options that will be effective and ensure the safety of you, your property and the environment.

Individuals in the RAPIDKILL team are specifically recruited, hired and trained individuals to form a team capable of delivering the finest pest management and prevention service today and tomorrow. Our employees are supported by extensive training and continued learning opportunities that far exceed industry standards. Our internationally recognized technical team provides expert support with the latest advances in pest control innovation.

Our Mission

To be the choice for effective pest management services, satisfying the needs of our customers, our workforce and the environment. We do this by solving your pest management problems in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner.

Excellence & Service

Excellence is achieved through our commitment to remain an industry leader in research and technical expertise, giving you the very best in the latest developments available. Service is achieved by providing you with solutions to your current and future potential pest problems in a convenient and easily accessible manner, matching the level of service to your individual needs.