Anti-Termite Treatment Malaysia

Get Advanced Anti-Termite Treatment In Malaysia

RapidKill is known to provide the best anti-termite treatment Malaysia for their property. We will termite-proof the built-up area of your property by providing a treatment known as ‘Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Soil Treatment.’ Our team will use termiticide in the soil to provide safety coverage and a chemical barrier against the termites before and after construction. RapidKill uses anti-termite solutions according to the standards set by the Malaysian Authorities. These termites can damage a big part of your property, and if not treated on time, the repairs may run into thousands of dollars. So, if you are watching the signs like damaged or hollowed wood, blisters in wood flooring, dry wood termite droppings, swarms’ evidence, and mid tubes, then it’s high time to go for professional anti-termite service.

Anti-Termite Treatment

Effective Termite Solutions and Services

Most insurance agencies do not cover the damage caused by the termites. So, it is necessary to opt for the anti-termite treatment that will go into the very foundation of your soil and wood and preserve them for long.

The chemicals like Lindane 20 EC and Chlorpyrifos 20EC are mostly used with water-based emulsions and kerosene-based solutions for treating a larger part of your property. Our team will use the correct chemical concentration to avoid any harm caused to your things. We will make sure that the holes are filled fully and soaked in with the chemical to avoid any future problems.

Termites Never Stop Eating, But We Are Here To Support!

We use advanced, effective, and efficient anti-termite solutions to safeguard your property from these pesky pests. With our relentless protective solutions, there will be no threat caused to your home or the very soil of your property. Get in touch with us today!