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Rodent Control

Stop Rodents, Rats, Mice Infestation With Our Rats Treatment Service

Norway rats are known to gnaw through almost anything – including plastic or lead pipes – to obtain food or water.

They are social rodents and build burrows close to one another. Each female rat can give birth to 20 pups in her lifetime.

Rats and mice can chew through wires and cause fires, die in your walls and creating foul odors, destroy property and belongings, make disturbing noises in your walls and attic, eat drywall and tear insulation and many more.

To avert these problems, take the rodents control service from RapidKill. We are reputed pest control solution providers in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.

Right from monitoring these rodents to baiting and treating them, we do everything. Our sole aim is to protect your property.

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